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World Heart Day and Ground Miles Challenge update – more than 2 million miles walked

Dear World Heart Day event organizers,

This year marked our most successful World Heart Day so far.
More than 1000 activities were organized and we thank you all for your participation. Reports and pictures of worldwide events are now profiled in our website and we encourage you to share your activities to show the world what you’ve accomplished for World Heart Day.
We have also walked more than 2 million miles towards our Ground Miles Challenge! To celebrate World Heart Day, we launched a global campaign, with Bupa, to get the world walking, entitled the Ground Miles Challenge. To date, World Heart Day event organizers have organized walks, downloaded the app, and participated in the challenge, to support our 5 million mile target. At 5 million miles, funds will be unlocked to support RhD prevention programmes. See the attached story so far, and if you haven’t already, download the app or register online, and start walking!
Bupa has just released the ‘Born to Walk’ video featuring the outrageous Chad Strider. The purpose of the film is to encourage people around the world to download the free Ground Miles walking app and join the Ground Miles Challenge, our joint initiative.
To join us for the rest of the story, take part in our webinar on Thursday 28 November from 2pm-3pm CET by clicking here
Your World Heart Day and Ground Miles ChallengeTeam